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Kitsap County
Search Dogs

Search * Rescue * Recovery


Kitsap County Search Dogs is a unit of professional volunteers under the Department of Emergency Management.  Our mission is to provide trained canine teams to assist the Sheriff in locating missing persons.  Teams are ready to respond at all times of day in all types of weather.

Kitsap County Search Dogs has several different speciality teams, which are called out when in need by the Kitsap County Sheriff. Dogs, with their keen sense of smell and intelligence, are a huge asset to a search effort.  It takes patience, dedication and hundreds of hours to become an effective canine search team.  An effective search team also relies on numerous support people to get the job done.

We are looking for neighbors with the skills, dedication and a desire to serve the Kitsap community in a meaningful way.  Does that describe you?  Consider joining us today!

Training Snapshots

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