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HRD Teams

Human Remains Detection (HRD) teams train to locate the scent of deceased humans in a given area.  The odor that a decomposing human body presents varies based on the person’s lifestyle (chemo patient?, diabetic?, drug user?, alcoholic?, etc), length of time since death (this morning vs years ago), part of the body present (an organ vs a tooth), amount of the body present (tooth vs an entire body).  Teams train on every conceivable variable so that the dog develops a significant “library” of target odors to show their handlers if they encounter them.


HRD is a specific type of area search.  The handler’s job is to assess the environmental conditions and direct their dog to areas where scent is most likely to be.  The dog’s job is to utilize air or ground scent to locate remains.  They are typically trained to show a passive alert (lay down where the odor is strongest) so that they don’t disturb any clues that may be present to indicate how/why the person died.


Certified: Human Remains Detection

JB & K9 Phinny

Hi! My name is Phinnegan, but I go by Phinny, and I'm a Fox-Red Labrador Retriever.
I am certified in Human Remains Detection. I really love going on searches because they give me a chance to run and run and run. When I find a person I lie down to show JB, my handler, where the person is.  
-K9 Phinny
Kitsap Dog 48


Certified: Human Remains Detection

Kathy & K9 Bean

Howdy All- I’m Bean,
I am a black Labradork in the bunch……..that is if you can see me……I go by really fast. I’m nationally certified in area search and large source human remains. If you don’t come home, I’ll be on the way to sniff you out as soon as I can. My handler, Kathy, is a bit on the slow side but that doesn’t matter to me I run out front to cover lots of ground by myself. I’ll run back to let her know if I smell you and we’ll be on our way to help ASAP. My apologies in advance for all the noise I’m going to make when we get there. See I’m going to get to play with my squeaky toys for a reward and I’d love it if you play with me too.

-K9 Bean
Kitsap Dog 32

travis and rip.jpeg

Certified: Human Remains Detection

Travis & K9 Rip

K9 Rip and his handler Travis on their NSDA certification in land human remains detection (HRD). Passing this rigorous test means they are now not only able to deploy in Kitsap County, but statewide.


Certified: Land/Water Human Remains Detection

Sally & K9 Torr

I’m Torr, Sally’s search dog.  
I’m very full of myself. I’ve spent most of the year learning basic obedience, the usual sit, stay, down, come, etc…etc…., but have also been training in trailing and will soon start learning how to be an area (air scent) dog.  I would tell Sally to be patient, don’t try to rush me and I’ll get there cus I”m a smart boy!
-K9 Torr
Kitsap Dog 34

tim and kimber.jpeg

Certified: Human Remains Detection

Tim & K9 Kimber

Hello everyone my name is Kimber, I am a Belgian Malinios. 

I am a certified air scent and large source HRD dog with my handler Tim. We are best buddies, and train everyday rain or shine. When I find the lost person, I return to Tim and tug on my toy to let him know that I have found them. Then it’s party time with treats and my tug toy!   I get to do some really fun things while working, and I am up for anything!
-K9 Kimber
Kitsap Dog 76



Certified: Human Remains Detection

JB & K9 Pixie

Hi! My name is Pixie. I am learing how to be a Human Remains Detection dog. More info about what I am working on coming soon.

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