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Area Teams

Area search dog teams train to locate human scent in a given area. The handler’s job is to assess the environmental conditions and direct their dog to areas where scent is most likely to be. The dog’s job is to utilize different strategies such air scent, ground scent, scent specific to locate human scent and guide their handler to the source.


Certified: Area & Land HRD

JB & K9 Phinny

Hi! My name is Phinnegan, but I go by Phinny, and I'm a Fox-Red Labrador Retriever.

I am certified in air scent and HRD. I really love going on searches because they give me a chance to run and run and run. When I find a person, I run back to JB, my handler, and jump up on him, then I turn around and show JB where the person is.  Sometimes I have to do that several times, because JB only has two legs and can be slow.  When he finally gets there, there’s a big dog party with lots of treats and everybody pets me and tells me what a good dog I am. It’s the best!

-K9 Phinny

Kitsap Dog 48


Certified: Area

Kathy & K9 Bean

Info about Kathy and Bean


Certified: Area & Land HRD

Sally & K9 Skye

My name is Skye. I’m Sally’s second (and best) search dog.  

I’m eight years old and very experienced.  I’ve certified in airscent, HRD and avalanche and have gone on many missions.  I helped in the search at Oso, as well as going on several searches on Mt. Rainier.

My handler, Sally, works very hard and trains with me every weekend and at least once a week.  If there’s one thing I would like to tell her it’s this: trust me and let me do my thing-I really do know what I’m doing!

-K9 Skye

Kitsap Dog 34


Certified: Area & Land/Water HRD

Sally & K9 Torr

I’m Torr, Sally’s newest (and greatest) search dog.  

I’m a year old and very full of myself-my Aunt Skye (yes – we came from the same kennel) thinks she is teaching me how to do the “search game”, but I’m gonna show her!

I’ve spent most of the year learning basic obedience, the usual sit, stay, down, come, etc…etc…., but have also been training in trailing and will soon start learning how to be an area (air scent) dog.  I would tell Sally to be patient, don’t try to rush me and I’ll get there cus I”m a smart boy!

-K9 Torr

Kitsap Dog 34

Tim and Kimber.jpg

Certified: Area 

Tim & K9 Kimber

Hello everyone my name is Kimber, I am a Belgian Malinios. 

I am a certified air scent and large source HRD dog with my handler Tim. We are best buddies, and train everyday rain or shine. When I find the lost person, I return to Tim and tug on my toy to let him know that I have found them. Then it’s party time with treats and my tug toy!   I get to do some really fun things while working, and I am up for anything!
-K9 Kimber
Kitsap Dog 76


Certified: Area

Tom & K9 Sahale

My name is Sahale, and I am a certified air scent search dog.

This is a picture of my handler Tom and me on the summit of South Sister, a 10,400′ volcano we climbed together.  I can find someone just about anywhere, even on mountains.  I let Tom know that I have found them by tugging on a toy that he carries on his pack.  Tom’s job is to carry my toy – oh, and our water too.  Bless him – he tries really hard.

Tom thinks I do all of this to get my toy and a treat after I lead him back to the person I’ve found.  Truth is, I just really love doing it.  But don’t tell him that.  I have been holding out for more treats.

- K9 Sahale

Kitsap Dog 77


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