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Trailing Teams

Trailing dog teams train to follow a particular human’s scent.  The handler’s job is to assess the environmental conditions, acquire an uncontaminated article containing the missing person’s scent and take their dog to last place the missing person was seen.  The dog’s job is to locate the scent of that particular person on the ground and follow the scent trail to guide their handler to the subjects current location.


Certified: Trailing

Amy & K9 Ellie Mae

Hello, my name is Ellie Mae.

am a seven yr. old blood hound. I have been certified since 2018. Sniffing is my favorite thing to do. If you are going on a hike always let someone know where you are going, and what time you will be back. What would be most helpful to me, is leaving a dirty sock on the windshield of your car.  I can then track you down like the blood hound I am if you don’t return on time.

My handler that I drag at the end of the leash wants me to remind you, dress for the weather. This crazy WA weather can be very hot in the winter and cold and rainy in the winter. Oh, and carry extra water and treats. Treats are my favorite thing beside sniffing. My last subject had summer sausage he shared with me!

K9 Ellie Mae

Kitsap Dog 72

Lisa and Lincoln_edited_edited.jpg

Certified: Trailing

Lisa & K9 Lincoln

Lisa and Lincoln bio coming soon.

Lisa and Fender.jpg

Certified: Trailing

Lisa & K9 Fender

Lisa and Fender bio coming soon.


Certified: Trailing

Terry & K9 Harley

My name is Harley, I’m a 5 year old female German shepherd, and I’m a scent-specific trailing dog.
My two-legger (handler Terry) puts my harness on, clips my lead onto the harness, gives me something to smell in a bag, and then I go find that odor–usually it’s a person who has my stick to play with…treats are ok, but I love that stick! Sometimes we’re in the forest, sometimes in neighborhoods, and occasionally, around a bunch of buildings which makes the odor go all over the place!
When I’m not working, I like to sit in the back of my handler’s vehicle, listen to classical music, and drink some cold water. At home, I like listening to blues music. Terry carries my water, my treats, my harness and my lead, snacks for him…and I think he carries an extra stick! He says I’m his 3rd trailing dog, but I haven’t found any other dogs at home. Maybe they are hidden at Naval Hospital Bremerton where he works as their Emergency Manager.
K9 Harley

Kitsap Dog  46


Alex & K9 Lucy

In Training: Trailing

Our newest volunteer handler, Alex S. Carris and his K9 partner Lucy Lou passed their “In-County” Trailing test!! They are now able to respond as a handler team for searches within Kitsap County. Kitsap County Search Dogs now has one more team on the ground able to respond whenever the call goes out to locate a missing person.



In Training: Trailing

My name is MJ.   I am a 1 yr. old blood hound in training for trailing.  I am hoping I will be certified by the time my Aunt Ellie Mae is retired, I have big shoes to fill!  I too always love to sniff and really enjoy getting hugs and pets from my lost subjects, but having treats really helps too. I am still a puppy and have lots of work ahead of me. Sometimes I get so excited finding you that I may lay on top of you instead of next to you! Work in progress.


Kitsap Dog 72

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